Operation Black Tulip

Research Angela Boone


After the Second World War the policy of the Dutch government was to expel all people of German descent; this was called Operation Black Tulip.

Until now very little information has been published about Operation Black Tulip. In fact, after taking a closer look, the information which was published turned out to be untenable. Unfortunately, a critical dialogue on this subject has proved impossible up to now. Thorough scientific research into Operation Black Tulip (both quantitatively and qualitatively) has not taken place so far.

Yet research would be highly desirable in the interest of correct historiography. In particular it is very important for the relatives of those affected, among them those who are still alive and who themselves experienced the deportation in their youths. Moreover it is of importance for those who are still looking for answers to their questions about missing relatives.

For German people living in the Netherlands, the Second World War did not last five years, but well over ten years. It was not until July 26 th 1951 that German people living in the Netherlands were ‘formally’ no longer seen as enemies of the state. As late as 1951, the Dutch government appropriated bank balances and other possessions of German people residing in the Netherlands. The possessions of deported German people who did not return home alive after their deportation, were also confiscated by the Dutch government in 1951. The next of kin were not entitled to a refund.

This website is a continuation of the original website about Operation Black Tulip and aims to be a platform for all those involved in research about this period and the events that took place in Dutch history.

The website as a platform was created by Angela Boone, scientific researcher, who herself was very committed to thorough independent research and historiography of the truth.

She did this on behalf of deportees, eyewitnesses of deportations and relatives of deportees and called on them to share their experiences:

“For our research, we would like to get in touch with people who were deported in their youths and who reside in the Netherlands or abroad now.

In addition, we would like to establish contact with eyewitnesses of the deportations and with relatives of deportees.”

All those involved in maintaining this website support this appeal.